Rug Appraisal

Did you know Persian rugs gain value by time?

Rug Appraisal

Persian Rug Appraisal

When you have a Persian rug and want to know how much value it holds, call Gorgeous Rugs for an accurate rug appraisal. Our official Persian rug appraisal certificates can be used for insurance purposes and held onto for personal reasons. We guarantee that you will come to understand the history and value of your rug, despite all the mystery it continues to hold.

Our official appraisal certificates are designed for all Persian owners and include a variety of facts about your rug. For instance, our appraisers will assess your rug to determine the type of dye that was used in the general artwork, the density of the knots, the type of weft or shoots between the row of knots, the wrap style, pile material, and the age of your rug. We will also list the general condition of your rug, what country it was manufactured in, its overall size dimensions and, finally, your rug’s monetary value.

You always want to know the value of a Persian rug, as they retain their value over time. Not only that, but Persian rugs increase in value as the years pass by. For that reason, it is recommended that you continually update your rug appraisal certificate so that you always have the most recent price estimate.

Bring your rug to us in Edmonton for a full rug appraisal. If your rug is oversized, we can come to your location for a hassle-free appraisal by experienced rug experts. Call now to find out how much your one-of-a-kind Persian rug is worth and get an official appraisal that keeps you informed.


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